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Training: $700/month

     -includes board, feed, and one body work session.

     -Farrier and vet services are not included

     -90 day minimum

      1st 30 days: Basic ground work; Establish a relationship with the horse, build trust and pecking order, begin riding (the time and forward progress varies with each individual).

      2nd 30 days: Continue riding, building trust and willingness. Work on refining gaits and maneuverability. I am a stickler for full body riding. Using leg, seat and hands are a must.

       3rd 30 days: Continue gate refinement; take outside on trails and/or to strange places, so horse can experience a different environment with me and then with their person. This helps get them ready for travel to different places and handle the situations calmly and with thought.  

I also like to give at least 4 lessons (included in fee) with the horse and rider so they can learn how to communicate with each other on a functional level.  

*Mustangs Welcome

Basic Horsemanship Lessons: $40

On-site Farrier

      Shoe: $105

      Trim: $35

 *I also offer Body work for the horses, using the VOM, and Samota Visceral Release.