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About Us

I believe that everyone has methods and techniques that work best for them. For me, I like to combine methodologies and techniques of many outside influences.

Some of my favorite clinicians are Buck Brannaman, Clinton Anderson, Craig Cameron, Ken McNab and of course the Greats Tom Dorrance and Ray Hunt.

I like to go to as many clinics as I can, and I love to watch shows on RFD TV. There is always something to be learned. I have found you can pick up things from everyone, including a beginner. Some of the coolest things that have been brought to my attention were from the beginner riders, because it is new and fresh to them, and they see things that often times are overlooked by long-time horse people.

I also believe STRONGLY that it is important to treat a horse like a horse. Treat them with the respect they deserve and the structure and discipline they thrive under. 

Horses are naturally inquisitive and need to have free time to be outside as much as possible. They were designed to roam, be free and use their mind in creative ways. So I try to keep stall time as minimal as possible. 

When I am training, I try to understand the horses on their level and teach them to understand and work willingly on a human level. Once you show them that you are going to be teaching them they start looking for the things you are trying to teach them. That is when the true learning begins and they really move forward. 

Most important, is to get and build Trust. Once you have their trust, they will do for you willingly and try to meet you half way.

My Main goal is to get the horse and rider to begin and build a great partnership riding and on the ground.


11870 Kirkwood St.

Herald, CA 95638